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  • Support for Community Response
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What We Do

Support for Community Response

What We Do

  • 1: Developing effective mobilizing strategies that increase awareness of poor health practices aimed at promoting maternal and child health;

  • 2: Encouraging local active participation/involvement in community health and development initiatives;

  • 3: Organizing and assisting women and youth grassroots groups by creating networks to harness local development potential;

  • 4: Promoting food security and good nutrition as a means to improved health and development

SCR believes in:

  • i. Collaboration; by establishing strong networks with the communities, stakeholders and strategic partners in pursuit of better results.

    ii. Integrity by doing what is right and promoting honesty in all organisational undertakings and by being ethically unyielding and honest.

    iii. Freedom and independence of mind, of judgment, of action by promoting the spirit of initiative and creativity, as well as tolerating and respecting of others, their culture, and their habits.

    iv. Accountability by taking responsibility for all actions.

  • Our Progammes

    1: Health

    HIV/AIDS prevention activities (targeting the reproductive age bracket,15-49 years)Malaria prevention initiatives in Kaloleni, Kilifi, Kinango and Kwale districts.

    2: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

    Supporting initiatives to access of save water for domestic use Promoting construction and use of toilets.

    3: Micro-enterprise Development

    Promoting and supporting of income generating activities for community members,
    ยท promoting savings and investment schemes for community groups

    4: Nutrition Food Security and Livelihoods

    Nutrition interventions (treatment of undernutrition among children, nutrition care for HIV/AIDS patients, micronutrient supplementation)